Prevent The Spread Of Airborne Viruses: PPE, UV Sterilisers & Air Purification Systems

With face masks now being compulsory on all public transport and in stores, there is a range of products available such as CE certified face masks and UV sterilisers to ensure your protection and help save you money. 


UV Steriliser: Sterilise Masks, Phones, Keys & More

Extend the life of disposable masks, save money and protect the environment with this easy to use portable UV Steriliser.

The UV Steriliser is powered by dual ultraviolet lights that kill harmful germs, bacteria and viruses (including the coronaviruses). 


High-Quality Protective Face Masks Wearable Air Purifier  Multi-Purpose Portable Air Purifier

Includes 10 or 50 high-quality disposable face masks with non-woven breathable sterilized fabric with 3 layers of protection.

£8.99 (10 masks)
£31.99 (50 masks)

With the outbreak of the airborne coronavirus, air purifiers are the ideal solution to help prevent the virus. 

Stay safe wherever you are with the wearable air purifier. Remove harmful substances, bacteria, viruses and mould in the air.

Improve health and wellbeing with this powerful portable small air purifier designed to remove bacteria, dust, odours and much more.

Always carry a portable air purifier which can power from a USB. Perfect for purifying the air when in the car, at home or at work



All-In-One Mood Light Air Purifier With Speaker

Ideal for your bedroom, lounge or bathroom, this negative ion (anion) air purifier is packed with features to help maximise health and wellbeing and prevent airborne viruses (including coronaviruses)

The air purifier also comes with an impressive high-quality Bluetooth speaker together with a 7 colour mood light helping to create a more comfortable and enjoyable home / office environment. 



Contact Free High Accuracy IR Thermometer

Perfect for measuring at a distance the temperature of people, objects, rooms or even food.
This high accuracy infrared thermometer has the latest sensors and smart chips to ensure industry-leading accuracy.

Instant, easy-grip, memory, 50% smaller and lighter than average.