Face Masks Made Compulsory FAQs July 2020

UK prime minister Boris Johnston has recently confirmed that face masks are to be made mandatory in shops within England from 24 July and failure to do so can result in a fine up to £100.

With this recent news, there have been many questions speculating, below are some of the most asked questions along with answers. 


Does this include people with disabilities? I have asthma and cannot wear a mask.

Confirmed by the government anyone who cannot wear a covering "because of any physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability", or who would experience "severe distress" from doing so, is exempt.

How will stores know about people who are exempt from wearing face masks?

At the moment this is uncertain as there hasn't been anything set in place such as a card to prove you are exempt from wearing masks. However, some disability charities are producing badges or cards for people to carry with them signalling they are exempt from wearing a face covering.

As a customer I am expected to wear a face covering, why aren't those who work in a shop expected to do the same?

It won't be compulsory for shop workers in England to wear a face-covering because "it won't always be right for every setting in a retail environment", according to Environment Secretary George Eustice.

However, Mr Eustice says that many workers already wear coverings or are protected by a screen. 

The face-covering requirement for customers will help to protect shop workers

Can you wear a clear face visor in shops, or does it have to be a mask?

face covering" is defined as a covering of any type that covers a person's nose and mouth. However please note just using a cloth or scarf isn't fully effective against the virus as germs and bacteria can still pass through. Please refer to non-woven face masks for maximum protection: https://bwow.co.uk/collections/face-masks

Clear face visors do cover the nose and mouth so would be fine.

With face-covering becoming mandatory for shops and supermarkets, what about restaurants and cafes?

People in England will not be required to wear a covering in places where it's not practical. People are allowed to remove their face coverings if it is "reasonably necessary" for them to eat or drink.

Can shop workers wear a mask for eight-hour shifts?

Face coverings are not compulsory for shop workers, but there is no limit on how long a covering can be worn.

If you are wearing one for a long time, there are some things you might need to consider.

It is likely that over the course of an eight-hour shift you would need to remove the covering sometimes - to eat or drink, for example.

The government advises that you should wash, or sanitise, your hands thoroughly before and after touching a face covering.

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