COVID-19: Crowds at Heathrow Airport spark social distancing concerns / UV-C Solution

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Crowds at Heathrow Airport have sparked "super spreader" concerns after pictures emerged of a packed departures hall with limited social distancing.

Former British ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott posted a photo of Terminal 2 on Friday with the caption: "T2 Heathrow Friday afternoon. No ventilation. Long delays. Super spreading."

Pictures and videos of huge queues for passport control have appeared on social media in recent days, despite international travel being largely banned.

Britons are only allowed to go abroad for a small number of "legally permitted reasons" during lockdown, with arrivals requiring a negative coronavirus test from the past 72 hours before they are allowed entry.

'Not ideal': Sky's Adam Boulton in Heathrow queue

But Labour's shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds described the scenes at the airport as "incredibly worrying".

Claiming the government was "lurching from one crisis to another", he added: "They are incredibly worrying, with no social distancing and clearly risking transmission of yet more strains of this awful virus.

"Ministers need to get a grip to protect our country's health."