Cheapest Bulk Face Masks with Fast Delivery / Extend the life of masks with a UV Steriliser

Are you looking for the cheapest facemasks to last through the lockdown and mandatory rules for wearing them? At Bwow we have local stock available to buy in bulk from only £0.30 per mask with free delivery and are £0.12 cheaper per mask than other top UK suppliers such as Boots.

Stop one time use of masks, extend their life and save money with a UV steriliser. This new, unique device works by killing harmful germs and bacteria using dual ultraviolet lights and will clean anything that fits inside. It acts as a wireless phone charger too.

Based on recent research by Duke University, one of the best masks to use for protection from the coronavirus are 3ply surgical facemasks as fewer droplets can get through the fabric. These masks are the most affordable but please be wary as many sellers on Amazon / eBay are selling masks at questionably low prices and will only be able to do this by using cheaper (not as effective) material or are shipping from china on a 1-2month lead time.

All masks from Bwow are CE certified, non woven, breathable and offer three layers of protection. These are also shipped directly from Yorkshire, UK using premium, fast delivering couriers such as UPS and Royal Mail. Fast worldwide delivery is available.

Below is pricing for the most Effective Affordable Face Masks available at

If you require more masks or need any further information please contact us via livechat, email or by phone.

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